3D Printed Beef
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Organovo is a bioprinting company from San Diego that will soon start 3D printing beef and leather. The company already received a first round of funding for $2 million, Entrepeneur reports.

Bioprinting, and 3D printing in general, is becoming a big industry but so far remained at the research stages. In Occupy The Market I explain how 3D printing technology will revolutionize global manufacturing, but I also point to discoveries in bioprinting by a team at the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Toronto that developed a 3D printer that prints out human skin and their goal is to use this technology to print artificial organs for transplant patients. Similar technology will be used by Organovo.

Now this American company is looking to tap into a leather market of $60 Billion. It may be too expensive, regulatorily complicated, and expensive to convince consumers to eat 3D printed food (Maybe vegetarians start eating meat because they don’t have to kill anything), but the prospects of Organovo in the fine apparel industry are very good. The company hopes to start production in 2014.

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