Argentina Squanders Billions in Propaganda While Teachers Go on Strike
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7742403238_667d8c14ea Teachers from 15 provinces went on strike earlier this year and children from 5 provinces remain without classes as of today. Meanwhile, the Argentinean government spends $1 billion pesos a year (approximately $250 million dollars) televising soccer matches.

The total bill of Futbol Para Todos (Soccer for Everyone) rises over $4 billion pesos in the three years the program has been in place. La Nacion shows that $4 billion pesos can pay for 1.3 million teachers or build either 500,000 homes, 36 hospitals, or 666 schools.

Of course, free TV comes with dozens of ads about how wonderful the government is these days. You won’t find any mention that the average teacher earns less than US$800 per month, similar to salaries under Menem’s Neoliberal government, and it is becoming very difficult for teachers to survive under annual inflation rates of 11% according to officials, or 25% according to private studies.

It seems that propaganda spending is big these days for Neoliberals and Neosocialists alike, as earlier this week we learned that Harper doubled spending on advertising from when he took office back in 2006.

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