Argentina’s Train Crashes Tied to Government Corruption and Money Laundering
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The hundreds of millions of dollars that President Kirchner and her cronies take from public works and launder in offshore accounts is the money that is missing for buying new trains, fixing railroads, getting ambulances on time, fixing crumbling hospitals, and all the good social spending that goes into educating and protecting people, said Jorge Lanata on his Sunday show.

Last week, a train crashed in Castelar killing 3 and injuring hundreds. It is the second train crash that Argentina experienced in one year. Last February, a train wasn’t able to stop at Once station, killing 50 and injuring hundreds more. Train crashes aren’t common in Argentina.

The lives of honest people who were going to work in that early morning of June 13th were cut short. Their deaths were caused by the same corrupt and totalitarian economic policies that the native populations from Formosa and Chaco suffer when the Argentinean government gives cheap land to Monsanto and Barrick Gold.

It is time to charge corrupt governments with first degree murder for the deaths that result from the money they steal. It is also time to charge governments with first degree murder for the disastrous effects on society and the environment that result from economic policies that are proven to be wrong from the time of conception.

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