Ask Rumsfeld How North Korea is Building Nuclear Weapons
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North Korea, a country that is pitch black at night, will soon be capable of firing nuclear weapons to its neighbor in the south and possibly reach US land. How this poor little nation run by a crazy dictator is able to afford nuclear equipment and build weapons is what we should be asking now that the country is a bigger imminent threat than Iraq ever was.

Back in the year 2000, ABB won a $200 million contract to provide North Korea with design and equipment for nuclear reactors. The interesting fact is that Donald Rumself, the long-standing Neoliberal hawk who became Defense Secretary a year later and brought us the invasion of Iraq under the false information that created the impression Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat, sat on the board when this sale was made. (CNN Reports)

This information is tender meat for conspiracy theorists who believe that such deals are important to create unnecessary threats and keep the military complex running; however, it may also be just another example of corporate pathology running its course to sell as much crap as possible regardless of the long-term dangers.

A few years ago Halliburton was charged with selling nuclear equipment to Iran, and Koch Industries had made deals with Iran as late as 2007, even when sanctions were in place.

The worst that could ever happen to these companies is a paying a few million in fines.

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