Biomimicry: Designing Cities Like Forests
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Biomimicry, the science of applying nature’s designs to sustainable industry, is now studying forests to learn how cities can “build fertile soil, filter air, clean water, sequester carbon, cool the surrounding temperature, provide biodiversity and produce food”, TreeHugger reports.

Biomimicry has already been successfully applied to eco-friednly buildings, transportation, energy, and consumer goods, as shown in Occupy The Market; however, Biomimicry misses its essence and great potential if it is only applied to products individually.

Alexandra Ramsden, the director of sustainability at Rushing, writes that “Every city was once a healthy ecosystem before human development impacted its balance. The goal is not to recreate that ecosystem but instead to understand how the predevelopment ecosystem functioned, and then ask how our urban structures and spaces can restore those same functions. How can our structures and roads provide healthy habitat? How can our rooftops evaporate or collect rainwater like the tree canopy once did? How can our building materials clean the air, sequestering and storing carbon like trees and wetlands?”

Occupy The Market, How Green Entrepreneurship Makes Multinational Corporations and Their Governments Obsolete [Kindle Edition]


Picture credit:La Citta Vita CC BY 2.0

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