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Palm oil is the cheapest vegetable oil to grow and refine. Multinational corporations use it in foods, personal care products, and even biofuels. Indonesia’s rainforests, which represents 10% of the World’s biodiversity, will be gone in less than 10 years due to palm oil production. Food production represents the largest use of palm oil. About [...]

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An article by The New York Times describes the horrifying effects of garment operations on Bangladesh’s environment and economy. Tax & Regulate The One Percent! E-book $2.99

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The Bangladeshi factory that collapsed killing 700 people could had been saved had the corporations that outsourced your job spent 10 cents more to produce your t-shirt. For Neoliberalism, people are just another externality that corporations push under the carpet to lower the costs of production. End Neoliberalism. E-book $2.99 Picture Credit Shumona Sharna CC [...]