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Every year over 100,000 compact discs become obsolete and are thrown away. Toxic chemicals, including cancerous Bisphenol-A, are released into our water streams and eventually get into the food we eat. Now Taiwanese researchers are trying to do more than ugly lamps with the obsolete CDs; they created a wastewater treatment that turns sewage into [...]

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High protein, non-GMO insects can be grown quickly and processed into chips to be distributed throughout the world’s slums. On Monday, Bill Clinton awarded a group of McGill MBA students with the $1 million Hult Prize to accelerate their business plan. Insects are already part of a healthy daily diet for over 2 billion people [...]

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The story about the people who make the products is more powerful for brands than going green. First, consumers are willing to pay extra for locally manufactured products because the story behind the product tells a lot about the quality of the product. Artisan and custom-based products are generally of better quality and, hence, last [...]

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Kung-fu marketing at its best. Chipotle is using the stealth of the advertising world to turn corporate farming upside down. The ‘Scarecrow’ is an experiential ad campaign that includes a free iOs game where players get to ‘cultivate a better world’. The game is being promoted using a 3-minute movie trailer that exposes the evils [...]

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One company that targets Procter & Gamble’s, Wal-Mart’s, and Amazon’s market share all at once is The Chicago based company sells green and organic products in almost every industry covered by P&G and Wal-Mart, the largest supplier of P&G products. Furtheremore, sells all household, food, pet care, fashion, health, and beauty products online, [...]

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Last year, Germany broke a world record by producing the equivalent of 20 nuclear power stations with solar. A country without too much sun was able to generate 50% of its daily energy using solar power. This July, Germany broke a new world record by generating 5.1 terawatt-hours of electricity from the sun. Germany’s leadership [...]

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Traffic jams cost small cities like Toronto over $3 billion a year. In total, is estimated that 2.9 billion gallons of oil are wasted every year by US commuters jammed in traffic. This translates to 38 hours and $818 a year per commuter. By providing real-time roadside information and even helping home buyers determine how [...]

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Electric car sales are up 18% in 2013 and sales of hybrid vehicles are up 30%, according to Businessweek. Rampant growth of electric cars, however, is exclusive to five US cities where more than half of all electric cars are found. Rapid growth of EV sales requires new infrastructure and private companies like Evgo provide [...]

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The global wind market is estimated to grow from $74 billion today to $109.8 billion in 2017. Solar energy also represents $77 billion today, and has grown by 600% over the past 5 years. In the future, wind and solar energy will represent approximately 10% of the world’s energy output. Too little, too late? Maybe. [...]

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Organic solar panels use carbon-based dyes, similar to the ones applied to cars. They are semi-transparent and tuneable to any colour. Organic panels can be easily applied to windows, thus allowing for easier implementation and requiring less space. Current materials are low cost and recyclable, but their efficiency is only 12% compared to 20% of [...]