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For $500 and 50 acres of abandoned land next to the Seattle airport, beekeeper Bob Redmond bred half a million bees. This is an outstanding achievement and these types of efforts should be multiplied while we deal with the root cause -nicotine-based pesticides-, argues Michael Richard from Treehugger. Virtually every food and vegetable depends on [...]

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Think is a sleek, environmentally friendly chair designed by Steelcase. It is ergonomically optimized for the demands of modern working conditions and its materials go through the Cradle-to-Cradle cycle. Paul Hawken writes in The Ecology of Commerce that “what most people see in their garbage cans is just the tip of a material iceberg; the [...]

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A new recycling program in New York City will process 100,000 tons of food-waste a year (10% of all food-waste produced in New York) and turn it into bio-gas for electricity, Think Progress reports. The program initiated by Mayor Bloomberg’s office will reduce the costs of waste management and its strain on landfills while creating [...]

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Airbus and Lufthansa are working on a synthetic shark skin to cut fuel burn. With sciences like Biomimicry (and other eco-friendly systems of production such as Cradle-to-Cradle), corporations have the opportunity to save on resources and become more profitable in the long run. These sciences and technologies allow us to increase our global economic potential [...]

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Occupy the Market by Lucas Diaz Molaro

Researchers at the University of Maryland found that paper thin ‘wood’ fibers boosts the life-span of sodium-ion batteries, which are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than Lithium-ion batteries, Tree Hugger reports. Picture credit: CC BY 2.0

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Fixing The Future visits towns all across the United States that are growing back using cooperative capitalism and even printing their own local money. Some initiatives, like the Portland Hour Exchange, are defying the concept of money altogether. The Portland Hour Exchange is a bank of time. Neighbors swap skills and swap time for cooking, [...]

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Biomimicry, the science of applying nature’s designs to sustainable industry, is now studying forests to learn how cities can “build fertile soil, filter air, clean water, sequester carbon, cool the surrounding temperature, provide biodiversity and produce food”, TreeHugger reports. Biomimicry has already been successfully applied to eco-friednly buildings, transportation, energy, and consumer goods, as shown [...]

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Tesla will roll out battery swap stations later this year. It will cost drivers between $60 and $80 to change the battery in 90 seconds, cheaper than the price of a tank of gas for a similar powerful car, Reuters reports Chief Executive Elon Musk said this shows that electric cars can be more convenient [...]

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Organovo is a bioprinting company from San Diego that will soon start 3D printing beef and leather. The company already received a first round of funding for $2 million, Entrepeneur reports. Bioprinting, and 3D printing in general, is becoming a big industry but so far remained at the research stages. In Occupy The Market I [...]

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Having trouble finding which 70% of foods contain genetically modified organisms? Buycott is an app that helps people boycott products that contain Monsanto and the Koch Brothers products or are marketed by these harmful multinational corporations, reports Americans Against The Tea Party The app is especially good because it works in a way that also [...]