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Far away from the Zimmerman case in Florida, Toronto has gun laws and embraces multiculturalism. It was so quiet that Police Detective Jeff Bangild left a tray full of chocolate chip cookie dough to bake on his car during today’s heatwave. END NEOLIBERALISM E-BOOKS Picture credit: G & A Sattler CC BY 2.0

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A letter with toxic ricin was sent to the President saying “You’re not going to take my guns. You’ll have to kill me before you take my guns”, The National Post reports.

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A student from Aurora, Colorado, was shot on Monday by a school employee. This sad news require serious consideration given that in the aftermath of the Sandy massacre, the NRA doubled-down on their extremist stance and called for armed guards and teachers in schools while the majority of Americans were calling for a ban on [...]

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Connecticut Carry released a press release last week attacking Neil Heslin, who lost his child in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary last December, Dead State reports. Among many barbarities, the gun nuts accused Mr. Heslin of profiteering writing that he found “the employment he has needed for so long lobbying against the rights [...]

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Gun nuts are planning to “put the government on notice” by rallying in Washington with their loaded guns. This threat on democracy (An overwhelming 70% of Americans support stronger gun control laws and background checks) has forced the police chief to call out on armed protesters and warn them that “When you cross with firearms [...]

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Gun fanatics plan to “put the government on notice” this July 4th by marching on Washington with their loaded weapons. 75 to 90% of Americans support background checks. This threat by gun fanatics who abide by an extremist right-wing ideology is a direct attack on the democratic process. It’s terrorism. The threat by this militant [...]


This info-graphic by Upworthy shows how the NRA blocked the background check amendment by forking $7,800,000 to 45 senators who represent only 37% of the US population. Mother Jones provides the list of the senators who blocked the background check amendment. David Pakman also shows how the will of the gun lobby and corrupt senators [...]

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Both US imperialism (A.k.a Neoliberalism) and the Boston bombing are an act of terror. Failing to understand this leads to greater terror, which in turn creates whole economic strategies dependent upon terror. The illegal invasion of Iraq has allowed terrorist cells to manipulate weak minds into committing horrendous acts. In fact, suspect in Boston bombing [...]

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Yes, it’s true. You can also kill people with knifes, why ban assault weapons! Lone Star Stabbing: Suspect Arrested After Texas Community College Attack (LIVE UPDATES) (Huffington Post) Shootings killed 18 people in US per day since Sandy Hook, study shows PRESS TV Americans are nuts! End Neoliberalism. Tax & regulate The One Percent $2.99 [...]

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“See, I think it’s so unfair of the administration to hurt these families, to make them think this has something to do with them when, in fact, it doesn’t,” Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) Think Progress reports