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By lucas@endneoliberalism On 18 Jun, 2013 At 11:29 AM | Categorized As Kirchner, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

The hundreds of millions of dollars that President Kirchner and her cronies take from public works and launder in offshore accounts is the money that is missing for buying new trains, fixing railroads, getting ambulances on time, fixing crumbling hospitals, and all the good social spending that goes into educating and protecting people, said Jorge [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 11 Jun, 2013 At 12:15 PM | Categorized As Kirchner, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

The “anti-Neoliberal” Kirchner government has remained silent about the repression that the native “Quom” people suffered in Formosa last month. The northern province is one of the largest soy producers of Argentina, and like all northern provinces it has the richest resources, yet highest poverty rates. Quom members took a long trip to Buenos Aires [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 23 May, 2013 At 05:08 PM | Categorized As Kirchner, Media | With 0 Comments

Victor Hugo Morales, the guy who narrated Maradona’s epic goal versus England in the 1986 World Cup, is shown in the first video below rallying against the Kirchner dynasty for their “insulting” fortune, which grew 158% since Nestor became president in 2003. The second audio published by Politicus Corruptus shows how the senior journalist thanked [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 7 May, 2013 At 05:25 PM | Categorized As Kirchner | With 0 Comments

Today, violent repression in Argentina is aimed at those groups of poor people who suffer the most from Kirchner’s Neoliberal economy. They are the native people displaced from their land to make space for Monsanto’s soy, or the native people living close to open-pit mining areas, or those whose lives will soon be shattered by [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 29 Apr, 2013 At 09:46 PM | Categorized As General News, Kirchner | With 0 Comments

The problem with the money-laundering case that involves the Kirchner dynasty and Lazaro Baez is that it is not just about a private entity and private citizens doing the laundering. The problem is that the Kirchner-Baez partnership costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year, said award winning investigative journalist, Jorge Lanata, on Sunday’s [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 24 Apr, 2013 At 06:57 PM | Categorized As Kirchner, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

In 3 hours, Argentinians will surround congress in an effort to take by “hug”. Why will Argentineans be hugging their congress? Today lawmakers will address judicial reform. One of the most controversial laws deals with injunctions against the state. This law would exempt the Kirchner government from all corruption charges. Such judicial reform happens in [...]

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In the midst of an investigation that accuses the Kirchner dynasty of building their fortune from laundering hundreds of millions of dollars destined to public works, Cristina Kirchner visited a laundry mat in La Plata. Perfil reports

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 17 Apr, 2013 At 08:50 PM | Categorized As Kirchner, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

Lazaro Baez, accused of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars from businesses built on government contracts with the help of Nestor Kirchner since the time the late president of Argentina was a small town mayor in Rio Gallegos, will be investigated by no other than Virginia García, Maximo’s Kirchner sister in law. For those who [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 16 Apr, 2013 At 08:44 AM | Categorized As Kirchner, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

An investigation by the renowned journalist Jorge Lanata was made public on Sunday, revealing a network of businessmen and financial institutions with close ties to the President that launder hundreds of millions of dollars annually using offshore accounts. This money laundering scheme reveals more than tax-evasion, something that is probably common of all politicians worldwide, [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 15 Apr, 2013 At 05:47 PM | Categorized As GMO, Kirchner, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

It took 25 years of dictatorship and IMF programs for Neoliberalism to destroy Argentina’s economy. Left with large odious debts and a weak local industry, the Kirchner government did what most Neoliberal governments do: They allowed multinationals in soy and mega-mining sectors to rip off the cheap resources that Neoliberalism had left. This Aljazeera short [...]