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By lucas@endneoliberalism On 30 Sep, 2013 At 01:59 PM | Categorized As Neoliberal Alert, Obamacare, Sequestration, Tea Party | With 0 Comments

The economic and military decline of the US Empire is accompanied by domestic cracks that resemble the fall of the Roman Empire; an overly corrupt and self-indulgent Congress is holding the country hostage to maintain the perverted ideology that had destroyed the country in the first place. The intellectual degradation of the US Empire became [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 6 Mar, 2013 At 01:20 PM | Categorized As Obamacare | With 0 Comments

Think Progress reports that Jan Brewer (R), Arizona’s GOP governor, became the third Republican governor to endorse Obamacare. Brewer needs to fight strong opposition from her own party and convince lawmakers that 50,000 low-income Arizonans would lose health coverage without the Medicaid expansion. Picture Credit: By DonkeyHotey/CC BY 2.0