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The North Dakota train derailment is threatening 3000 people who live in Casselton. It is just one of the thousands of pipeline spills and train derailments that threatened a whole town in 2013. As a sign of what is to come from our addiction to oil, one that has pushed us to sell our natural [...]

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Can you imagine an oil pipeline breaking in Young and Finch? Enbridge’s Line 9 Expansion Project is a clear example of how the threats of the tar sand oil industry are getting closer to home. Economic experts are warning about the serious risks that Toronto and Montreal will face if Enbridge gets its way. If [...]

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There was a time when corn fields were just highly toxic soils where manufactured seeds grew tall. Bumblebees would fly by and die by the thousands in parking lots. Adult corn would graduate to food processing facilities to become cyrup for sodas and GMO meats. The lucky ones would go on to jobs clogging fat [...]

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The black cloud on the picture is a high-carbon and high-sulfur cloud that is choking people in Detroit and Windsor. It comes from Petcoke, a mountain of waste from tar-sand oil being shipped from Alberta that is piled daily along the Detroit river. Officials say the Koch Brothers broke the law by dumping waste without [...]

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The Harper government cut $3 million in railway safety inspection while oil shipments by train increased by 28,000% since 2009. Given all the money that oil corporations earn from Alberta’s tar sands and public subsidies ($1.6 Billion/year), a $3 million budget cut is a criminal negligent act emanating from an extremist and corrupt Neoliberal ideology. [...]

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The biggest recent disaster in North America has gone largely unnoticed since the spill was first spotted on June 1st, The Globe and Mail reports. Another case of environmental destruction paid for by the tax-payer.

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It used to be that corporations lobbied corrupt governments to develop inefficient and destructive economic strategies that only profited the One Percent. Harper changed all that! The amount of tax dollars wasted in lobbying efforts for the Keystone XL pipeline project almost doubled from $9 million to $16.5 million in one year, Think Progress reports. [...]

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New York State’s Appellate Court ruled in favour of two towns seeking to implement zoning by-laws to ban fracking activities, Truth Out reports. This is a big win for the people of Tompkins County town and the Otsego County town given the high levels of corruption that have allowed gas drilling to expand in the [...]

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Radon and explosions from the Spectra Pipeline will soon threaten New York City. Spectra has 17 violations in 2011 and has paid millions in fines for violations, spills, and explosions. WATCH VIDEO

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Want to see the impact of tar-sand oil production on our land? A slideshow by the Post Carbon Institute, in partnership with Alternet, shows the full environmental impact. From cutting the Boreal forest to run-off pollution during mining, production, and transportation, tar-sand oil production is dirtier than you think. STOP KEYSTONE XL SLIDESHOW