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Pasona upcycled its 50-year old office building and integrated a modern vertical farm that grows rice, broccoli, fruits, and other vegetables for the company’s office workers. See the slideshow at Inhabitat Occupy The Market with green entrepreneurship! $2.99

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Teachers from 15 provinces went on strike earlier this year and children from 5 provinces remain without classes as of today. Meanwhile, the Argentinean government spends $1 billion pesos a year (approximately $250 million dollars) televising soccer matches. The total bill of Futbol Para Todos (Soccer for Everyone) rises over $4 billion pesos in the [...]

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Think Progress reports that Jan Brewer (R), Arizona’s GOP governor, became the third Republican governor to endorse Obamacare. Brewer needs to fight strong opposition from her own party and convince lawmakers that 50,000 low-income Arizonans would lose health coverage without the Medicaid expansion. Picture Credit: By DonkeyHotey/CC BY 2.0