Climate Change: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Severe Storms Hit Toronto
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Toronto, city of the tropics. How scared should we be when an in-land and northern city like Toronto, one that used to be summerged in snow for 4 to 6 months of the year, experiences severe weather conditions? What will be left of tropical and coastal areas?

In 2009, several tornadoes touched down across the Great Toronto Area destroying many homes. Last year, Hurricane Sandy was so big that it reached the Canadian city killing two people and wrecking havoc. Two days ago, a severe storm dropped 106 mm of water in a few hours flooding streets, train systems, and straining an electrical system that experienced huge blackouts.

Climate Change is so real that even a right-wing newspaper like the National Post writes that “we should stop fighting climate change and find ways to adapt to it”. Extremist right-wingers ignored it for so long that now we are building arcs instead of solar panels.

I think it is time to double down and regulate corporate Neoliberalism even further than its effect on Climate Change in order to create incentives for businesses to invest green energy and methods of production described in Occupy The Market.

Climate Change cost $110 Billion to the United States in 2012. Weather conditions are going to get worse as the Earth continues to warm. Climate Change, however, is not our biggest problem in a world where all economic and environmental problems are accumulating fast and ready to be blown out of proportions. The fact that we are putting so much carbon in the atmosphere tells us that Neoliberalism is very inefficient at extracting, transporting, using, and discarding resources to fuel a global economy that only benefits the One Percent.

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Picture credit: Fikret Onal CC BY 2.0

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