Enbridge Line 9 Proposal Has Many Risks, Few Benefits
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Can you imagine an oil pipeline breaking in Young and Finch? Enbridge’s Line 9 Expansion Project is a clear example of how the threats of the tar sand oil industry are getting closer to home.

Economic experts are warning about the serious risks that Toronto and Montreal will face if Enbridge gets its way. If the environment and the lives of thousands of people do not drive you to rally for change consider the (economic) benefit-cost analysis. A report by The Goodman Group, Ltd. (TGG) exposes that the economic benefits of the project are less than $1 billion/per year and likely less than $0.5 billion/year, while the potential economic costs for a major rupture could start at $1 billion. If a major accident occurred in a highly populated area, these costs could escalate to as high as $10 billion.

In 2010 Enbridge’s Line 6B ruptured in Marshall, Michigan, spilling 20,500 barrels of tar sand oil into the Kalamazoo River system. International pipeline safety expert, Richard Kuprewicz, reports that “Public records make it very clear that Enbridge is still not heeding pipeline investigators/regulators in IM, nor has Enbridge adequately incorporated the critical safety process management perspectives that serve as the basis of prudent pipeline IM regulation to assure safety”.

The Line 9 pipeline plan is not only dangerous, it encourages Canada to increase our reliance on polluting tar sands oil, tipping us closer to disastrous climate change, says Adam Scott of Environmental Defence.

This reliance on tar sands has a risky diminishing return. Mainstream media ridiculed the Idle no More movement for pushing an ‘extremist green’ agenda, but the message of environmentalists is not just about pristine forests and elks. More than ever, how we treat neighbors determines how strong or ill our economy is at home.

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