Going Local Beats Green Marketing
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The story about the people who make the products is more powerful for brands than going green.

First, consumers are willing to pay extra for locally manufactured products because the story behind the product tells a lot about the quality of the product. Artisan and custom-based products are generally of better quality and, hence, last longer. In the fashion industry customization allows brands to carry the torch of originality and boost greater sales. In the food industry, locally-grown foods are generally healthier and taste much better.

Second, consumers care about the people who make their products. Knowing that their purchase enslaves people in far away countries turns off consumerist impulses, while getting to know their neighbour drives sales of locally-made products. For this reason, companies in many industries are bringing factories back home to connect their brands with their consumers, according to an article by Emanuella Grinberg from CNN

Third, local is green. The huge distance that exists from factory to shelves is responsible for most of the energy wasted in our globalized economy. Localization can save a lot of fuel, but, more importantly, bringing factories closer to home derives in greater demand for green methods of producing and disposing of products. This is because consumers experience first-hand the impact of their purchase when factories appear on their backyards.

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