GOP Pushes Bill To Steal Worker’s Overtime Pay (VIDEO)
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 9 May, 2013 At 11:57 AM | Categorized As Labour, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

House Republicans are pushing bill H.R. 1406, which will force workers to lend their overtime pay to their company at no interest from their overtime pay.

Crooks & Liars reports that companies will keep overtime pay and workers will have to exchange it for time off, except that companies will not be required to grant time off. At the end of the year, companies have to give workers any overtime pay that hasn’t been exchanged for time off at 0% interest.

The bill will ultimately destroy workers and their families given that the minimum wage is already $5 below the poverty line.

Picture credit: Mike Licht CC BY 2.0

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