Harper Spends $1.2 Billion Outsourcing Public Jobs
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 7 Mar, 2013 At 03:51 PM | Categorized As Neoliberal Alert, Stephen Harper | With 0 Comments

2921750456_9902980341Economist David Macdonald made a significant discovery about Harper’s “shadow public service”, the group of private contractors, consultants, and temporary workers that Harper’s government outsourced to displace public workers.

The total cost to the taxpayer was $1.2 billion in 2012, or 79 per cent higher than when Prime Minister Stephen Harper took power in 2006.

This news comes weeks after the Globe and Mail published an interactive chart showing that Canada’s debt increased from $778 Billion to over $1trillion since 2008.

Once again, the Conservative Part of Canada shows a cognitive dissonance with their ‘fiscal responsible’ brand. Between wasting tax dollars in private contractors, military equipment, subsidies to profitable oil corporations, and promoting austerity programs that finance tax cuts for the One Percent, it is no wonder that people call Stephen Harper Canada’s George Bush.

Photo Credit: Oldmaison/CC BY-SA 2.0

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