Is Water a Humar Right? Nestle CEO Doesn’t Think So (Video)
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 23 Apr, 2013 At 08:59 PM | Categorized As General News, Privatization | With 0 Comments

Former CEO and now chairman of the largest food company in the world thinks that water isn’t a basic human right and it should be privatized.

Worldwide, water privatization has shown to cost more to the public as these multinational corporations hike fees without actually bringing any benefits to the public. Water companies like Suez and Betchel take advantage of systems that had been developed with common public funds and when they hike the fees they send profits away to their corporate headquarters rather than re-investing the money in expanding the water system to reach more people and make it more efficient so that water is fully renewable.

Furtheremore, water companies like Nestle earn their share of profits from bottled water, which is more polluting. Many, like Dasani, have been caught using the same tap water that people get at home.

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