Koch Genocide: A Massive Toxic Cloud Threatens Detroit & Windsor (VIDEO)
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The black cloud on the picture is a high-carbon and high-sulfur cloud that is choking people in Detroit and Windsor. It comes from Petcoke, a mountain of waste from tar-sand oil being shipped from Alberta that is piled daily along the Detroit river.

Officials say the Koch Brothers broke the law by dumping waste without a permit, but how will a bankrupt city prosecute the richest men in the world?

Increasing levels of pollution is one of the main reasons that the Koch brothers invested hundreds of millions on a militant Tea Party to annihilate government. Tax cuts for the rich are just the tip of the ice-berg when Koch industries require the decriminalization of mass pollution to exist.

Koch Industries profit from ineffective and corrupt governments through all phases of production in an industry that is widely dispersed accross North America. The Koch Brothers profit from the destruction of Alberta’s boreal forests, they profit from the destruction of our farm lands and towns that happen to be where God intended to build pipelines, and they profit from cities ravaged by decades of Neoliberal policies that became a landfill after being the world’s manufacturing core.

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Watch Video:

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