LaPierre Political Malpractice: School Guard Shoots Kid
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 14 May, 2013 At 11:09 AM | Categorized As Gun Control, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

A student from Aurora, Colorado, was shot on Monday by a school employee.

This sad news require serious consideration given that in the aftermath of the Sandy massacre, the NRA doubled-down on their extremist stance and called for armed guards and teachers in schools while the majority of Americans were calling for a ban on assault-weapons and new background check regulations.

How many times are we going to allow lobbyist, corporate media pundits, and corrupt politicians to suggest policies that are wrong from the get-go but benefit their deep-pocketed interests? And why do we also allow them to get away when their policies destroy the economy, the environment, and kill a lot of people?

Picture credit: Patrick Feller CC BY 2.0

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