Money Laundering and The President of Argentina
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 29 Apr, 2013 At 09:46 PM | Categorized As General News, Kirchner | With 0 Comments

The problem with the money-laundering case that involves the Kirchner dynasty and Lazaro Baez is that it is not just about a private entity and private citizens doing the laundering. The problem is that the Kirchner-Baez partnership costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year, said award winning investigative journalist, Jorge Lanata, on Sunday’s show Periodismo Para Todos.

The Kirchner and Baez partnership launders approximately $250 million dollars every year through a network of offshore accounts that involve Panama and Switzerland. This money comes from government funding of public works, which industry is monopolized by Baez. When a bid is made, all the companies are owned by Baez and the final price is hiked by up to 400%.

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