Neoliberalism Expanding in Argentina: Largest Producer of Monsanto’s Soy (Video)
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It took 25 years of dictatorship and IMF programs for Neoliberalism to destroy Argentina’s economy. Left with large odious debts and a weak local industry, the Kirchner government did what most Neoliberal governments do: They allowed multinationals in soy and mega-mining sectors to rip off the cheap resources that Neoliberalism had left.

This Aljazeera short documentary proves how Neoliberal forces created and continue to support the market conditions that turned Argentina into the world’s major producer and exporter of Monsanto’s genetically modified soy. Neoliberalism is expanding in Argentina and so are the economic, environmental, social, and health hazards. WATCH VIDEO

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Picture credit: Faul CC BY 2.0

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