People Willing To Spend More For Green Energy (If Market Supplies)
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Electric car sales are up 18% in 2013 and sales of hybrid vehicles are up 30%, according to Businessweek. Rampant growth of electric cars, however, is exclusive to five US cities where more than half of all electric cars are found.

Rapid growth of EV sales requires new infrastructure and private companies like Evgo provide charging stations for EV cars both at homes and public places in the five US cities where 52% of electric cars have been sold (Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle). They charge (Ha! Irony point) $29.99/month to plug-in extremely expensive EV cars.

In Toronto, Bull Frog Power sells packages of solar, wind, and bio-gas energy starting at $30/month; on top of people’s current electric bills. The company’s goal is to power 500,000 homes with green energy by 2017. The way that Bull Frog Power advertises its green energy solutions goes against all marketing rules. They provide the same amount of energy without installing any panels that would raise the price of your home, but they expect you to pay a little more because they know that you want to live in a cleaner world (See video).

Maybe Bull Frog has it right. Dozens of catastrophic events unfolded this summer, like 400 gallons of radioactive water that continue to flow into the Pacific Ocean every day from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan; an Exxon pipeline that spilled over 80,000 gallons of oil in the town of Mayflower; the petcoke cloud over Detroit and Windsor, or the train derailment that blew up the Quebecois town of Lac-M├ęgantic. People are so terrorized by the dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear power that many are thinking some lucky cities are able to spend a little more to power their homes and drive using with green energy.

Green energy solutions save us from these catastrophes and create 8 times more jobs than the oil and gas industry, which is heavily subsidized with taxpayers dollars (Tax & Regulate The One Percent). Supply of green energy cannot catch up with increasing demand, only because of inefficient Neoliberal policies that continue to support the oil & gas cartel with your tax dollars.

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