Quebec Train Crash Caused By Deregulation and Budget Cuts
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The Harper government cut $3 million in railway safety inspection while oil shipments by train increased by 28,000% since 2009.

Given all the money that oil corporations earn from Alberta’s tar sands and public subsidies ($1.6 Billion/year), a $3 million budget cut is a criminal negligent act emanating from an extremist and corrupt Neoliberal ideology.

In 2007, a report by the Canada Safety Council said that Canada’s rail system is a disaster waiting to happen. Lives have been lost and the environment destroyed after the Liberal government amended the Railway Act in 1999. Deregulation and budget cuts are not a partisan thing.

Canada’s oil and gas industry grew so much in the past decade and its threat to the environment became so large, that the Harper government simply decided to scrap safety and environmental regulations further. Last August, the Harper government scrapped 3,000 environmental reviews on pipelines and other projects. The Navigable Waters Protection Act was also slashed last year to protect only 97 lakes and sections of 62 rivers from a total of Canada’s estimated 32,000 lakes and 2.25 million rivers.

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