Raising The Minimum Wage in Ontario
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The minimum wage in Ontario has been frozen for the past 3 years at $10.25/hour. Anti-poverty groups are calling to raise the minimum wage to $14/hour.

End Neoliberalism contacted ACORN on Thursday afternoon when a coalition of several groups gathered outside Ontario’s Ministry of Labour office to protest against the 3-year wage freeze. ACORN responded with key points:

-The inflation rate has driven minimum wage earners 19% below the poverty line.

-The $14/hour minimum wage is bench-marked at 10% above the poverty line.

-The $14/hour minimum wage would provide a 35-hour weekly work schedule.

Ontario already has the highest minimum wage in North America, but US workers must work 55 to 88 hours just to afford rent.

Both consumers and businesses can afford paying workers honest living wages. Last week, the US Senate Hearing on Minimum Wage proved that the minimum wage should be set anywhere between $22 to $33 an hour to catch up with the increase in productivity from the 1960′s. The effect on prices would only be an increase of 8 cents.

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