Regulating The Smoking Gun
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Investigators found that Lanza’s mom gave his son a holiday card with a cheque to buy a semi-automatic handgun.

Background checks and banning magazines only necessary on a war-zone can significantly reduce the number of mass shootings as well as the number of victims per mass shooting, but the main drive behind these murders is a culture that loves guns so much that they replaced bicycles and ponies for children’s holiday presents.

Industrialists, in this case gun manufacturers, push their products by creating emotional attachments with the products they sell. They create such a strong bond with the brand that they are capable of fully altering cultural behavior.

When all the richest corporations profit from selling harmful products and they get together to promote the same Neoliberal ideology, you get a psychotic society. Guns, cigarettes, and junk-food alone kill over 1,000,000 Americans every year.

If these corporations were placed on the terrorist list, would we allowed them to communicate their messages to the public?

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Picture Credit: Charles Knowles/ CC BY 2.0

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