Repression In Argentina (Video)
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 7 May, 2013 At 05:25 PM | Categorized As Urban Farming | With 0 Comments

Today, violent repression in Argentina is aimed at those groups of poor people who suffer the most from Kirchner’s Neoliberal economy. They are the native people displaced from their land to make space for Monsanto’s soy, or the native people living close to open-pit mining areas, or those whose lives will soon be shattered by fracking.

They are the poorest of the poorest who had not been accounted for the government’s social programs. Argentina is a big country, with approximately half of 40 million living in the province of Buenos Aires. Maybe because native people are too far away from the cameras or maybe because of Argentina’s deep history of racism, those militant groups that often talk about Kirchner’s investment in social programs often fail to acknowledge the high poverty rates and human abuse that occurs in these provinces.

Last week, the QOM community from the province of Formosa was attacked. The son of the Cacique was badly beaten. The QOM is currently pushing a legal claim for the lands that had been stolen from them. WATCH VIDEO

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