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Former top regulators told congress to pass a type of measure that will bring back the Glass-Steagall Act, said William Black, author of The Best Way to Rob A Bank is to Own it. End Neoliberalism, Tax & Regulate The One Percent ($2.99 e-book) Real News Network.

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WHAT IS NEOLIBERALISM? Neoliberalism is the extreme right-wing ideology that has guided the post-WWII era known as Globalization. In theory, Neoliberalism is a libertarian ideology that believes in leaving markets free from government intervention in order to foster peace and prosperity through resource efficiency. In practice, globalization created a global monopoly in every industry through [...]

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We are running out of every resource that fuels our mediocre way of life. Our environmental hole is so large that it shows our economic limits and moral weaknesses. Watch this video to see what we are doing to the planet and our future. E-BOOKS! Learn more and support End Neoliberalism Occupy The Market, How [...]