Tesla Motors New Battery Swap Will Take 90 Seconds: Automaker to Compete With Gas Stations
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Tesla will roll out battery swap stations later this year. It will cost drivers between $60 and $80 to change the battery in 90 seconds, cheaper than the price of a tank of gas for a similar powerful car, Reuters reports

Chief Executive Elon Musk said this shows that electric cars can be more convenient than a gasoline car and the new swap stations will help people overcome their fears.

More importantly, these battery swap stations show Musk’s creative genius because no other automaker had thought of way for turning charging stations into a revenue stream. Before, charging stations were a cost for car manufacturers that had to invest in helping people adopt their products. Electric car owners can now wait 30 minutes for their free charge or pay for the 90-second battery swap.

This technology will allow automakers to profit as “gas stations” and thus help catalyze mass production of electric vehicles. This technology may also signal the end of the oil company as it competes directly at the same price point.

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