The Mask: Kirchner’s Totalitarian Apparatus Protecting Monsanto
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The “anti-Neoliberal” Kirchner government has remained silent about the repression that the native “Quom” people suffered in Formosa last month. The northern province is one of the largest soy producers of Argentina, and like all northern provinces it has the richest resources, yet highest poverty rates.

Quom members took a long trip to Buenos Aires and were denied a visit by the president. They protested in the cold while Kirchner campaigned to take out the statue of Cristobal Colon from the city’s plaza. Jorge Lanata, award winning journalist investigating Kirchner’s money laundering scheme said on his Sunday show that it seems that the native people from 400 years ago seem more important than the one living today.

What is more appalling is that TV Publica, Argentina’s public media apparatus, solidarized with soy workers who are being “targeted” by Quom members.

Toilet water goes the other way in the South Pole, indeed. Cristina Kirchner runs a Neosocialist government that operates the economy by and for evil multinational corporations like Monsanto and Barrick Gold, and which media apparatus insults the poor and environmentalists much like Fox News and Republicans do in the United States.


Picture Credit: DonkeyHotey CC BY 2.0

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