The National Post Dumps Harper
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 22 May, 2013 At 07:11 AM | Categorized As Media, Stephen Harper | With 0 Comments

The Harper government got so corrupt that even the National Post went on the attack this week after the Duffy Senate scandal. Unlike its conservative counterpart in the United States, it takes courage for the National Post to dump a right-wing leader as corrupt as George W. Bush.

John Ivison said that “Harper’s speech was a chance to be accountable. He blew it.”

Kelly McParland echoed saying that the “PM is fooling himself if he thinks a brief televised lecture will remedy damage”.

Michael den Tandt followed this morning saying that “Tuesday was the day Stephen Harper broke faith with his base, with finality abandoning the bootstrap morality — some would say sanctimony — of his political youth”.

The worst Prime Minister in Canadian history has one foot out the door.

Picture Credit: Kashmera CC BY 2.0

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