Urban Beekeeping Should Be Multiplied While We Ban Pesticides
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 16 Aug, 2013 At 01:21 AM | Categorized As Bees, Green Business | With 0 Comments

For $500 and 50 acres of abandoned land next to the Seattle airport, beekeeper Bob Redmond bred half a million bees.

This is an outstanding achievement and these types of efforts should be multiplied while we deal with the root cause -nicotine-based pesticides-, argues Michael Richard from Treehugger.

Virtually every food and vegetable depends on bees for pollination (See list). Our whole food supply could quickly disappear just because we allow a few corporations to increase profits in the production of only three types of food: corn, canola, and soy.

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Picture credit: theseanster93 cc BY 2.0

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