Victor Hugo Morales Was Against Kirchner Before He Became a Puppet
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Victor Hugo Morales, the guy who narrated Maradona’s epic goal versus England in the 1986 World Cup, is shown in the first video below rallying against the Kirchner dynasty for their “insulting” fortune, which grew 158% since Nestor became president in 2003.

The second audio published by Politicus Corruptus shows how the senior journalist thanked Lanata and Clarin in 2008 for backing him when the Kirchner governmetn censored the man who is now a puppet that disseminates government propaganda.

The third video is fro m2009 and shows Victor Hugo Morales on Lanata’s show complaining about the millions of public dollars misused by the Kirchner government to fund their friends’ media organizations, an activity that made some of their friends filthy rich, including the vice-president, and is used to launder hundreds of millions of dollars more according to Lanata’s breaking investigation. VHM talks about bullying tactics used by the government to scare and discredit journalists and shares his view on the socialization of soccer TV. The Roman circus and propaganda channel Futbol Para Todos costs Argentina over $200 million per year.

AUDIO VHM against Kirchner’s fortune

VIDEO VHM against Kirchner’s socialized media and bullying tactics

Picture credit: didbygraham CC BY 2.0

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