VIDEO A Strong Local Economy Powered Steve Jobs Genius
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Steve Jobs grew up in a country with a firm economic structure, one with schools and factories. He then helped destroy the structure that empowered his creative genius.

In the video above, Steve Jobs attributes failure to lack of trying, a meme that was all too commonly repeated by Teapublicans during the 2012 campaign. Mr. Jobs tells the story of a young 12-year Steve who called Bill Hewlett to ask him for spare parts to build a frequency counter. Bill happily obliged and gave young Stevey a summer job at a Hewlett Packard assembly line.

Hewlett Packard no longer manufactures at home. By 2004, Apple had shipped most of its manufacturing jobs abroad.

Mr. Jobs personality traits might have been as crucial for his early successes as his creative genius; however, his line of thinking follows the illusion that everyone can become a millionaire if they work hard. Not too long ago presidential hopeful Herman Cain told Occupy protestors that it is their fault that they are not rich . The reality is that people are working more than ever, up to 80 hours a week, to afford rent at minimum wage in some states.

If you are creative, work hard, and some luck is on your side, it is still possible that you could become a millionaire in this economy. More often than ever, highly qualified Americans are working long hours at bad jobs to meet their basic survival needs. Today, half of America lives under the poverty line.

Charles Duhigg and Keith Bradsher wrote in a New York Times special report, the I-Economy, that when Obama asked Apple how companies could bring jobs back, he received a drastic response. The American industry has been looted for so long, that the problem wasn’t just that Chinese workers were more attractive at a few cents an hour. Low wages was the least part of it now that the full supply chain of global manufacturing was concentrated in China.

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