Zimmerman Walks Free, 18-year Old Goes To Jail For Facebook Joke
By lucas@endneoliberalism On 14 Jul, 2013 At 12:25 PM | Categorized As ALEC, Neoliberal Alert | With 0 Comments

George Zimmerman was found not guilty on the same week that a 18-year old kid from Texas was jailed after somebody reported a single, frivolous Facebook post that he had marked “LOL.”

Zimmerman is only free thanks to Stand Your Ground legislation modeled by the NRA through ALEC, an organization supported by corporations that writes laws for member legislators, mostly Republicans, to pass across states.

The hijacking of US democracy is so bad that Congressman Steve King (R-IA) even suggested that George Zimmerman should never have had to stand trial for killing Trayvon Martin.

Picture credit: Mike Licht CC BY 2.0

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