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Citigroup wrote 94% of the lines of bill H.R. 992 entitled the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act, which was written to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act. The bill was passed by the House after members received $22 million from interest groups. More at The Real News Picture credit: manituou2121 CC BY2.0


Today, Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH), who sold his soul to Big Pharma for only $35,000, voted to defund Obamacare. Yesterday, he had nothing but personal attacks during the Keystone XL Hearing. Why use facts when oil & gas contributed $137,000 to his campaign?


EPA regulators and members of Congress testified at yesterday’s Climate Hearing. Among them was Climate Change denier and free-market extremist Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), who received $439,961 from oil & gas and $250,034 from the mining industry (Including coal) in campaign contributions, according to Open Secrets. Picture credit: zenera CC By 2.0

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Senator John McCain was caught on camera playing poker on his iPhone during a 3-hour hearing on Syria. McCain received $176,000 on campaign contributions from PAC’s tied to defence contractors; the highest amount of all Senators who voted yes to attack Syria. When interviewed by CNN, McCain said that he got a “little bored” during [...]


A Wired investigation reveals that Senators who voted to authorize a strike on Syria got 83% more cash from campaign contributions by defence contractors like Lockheed martin, Boeing, United Technologies, and Honeywell International than Senators who voted NO. Picture credit: Faceme cc by 2.0


This info-graphic by Upworthy shows how the NRA blocked the background check amendment by forking $7,800,000 to 45 senators who represent only 37% of the US population. Mother Jones provides the list of the senators who blocked the background check amendment. David Pakman also shows how the will of the gun lobby and corrupt senators [...]