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Next month, Zero Carbon Food will start growing vegetables beneath the Northern line of the London Underground. The UK start-up will grow food next to the hundreds of restaurants that serve it. A special Eco-friendly benefit of growing produce underground is that temperature remains stable all year round, thus reducing energy use and costs. Learn [...]

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The Ontario startup Temporal Power has turned used auto parts into a stainless-steel mechanical battery that stores enough energy from solar and wind to smooth out fluctuations in power supply, GreenBiz reports. Thanks to the support of the provincial government through subsidies and consulting, the company recently won a contract from HydroOne and received an [...]

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Affordable, small, and with zero visual impact. Underwater kites have the potential to farm about 20 gigawatts, equal to the power generated by 10 nuclear power plants, from the current flowing off the Gulf of Mexico and into the Atlantic Ocean, Discovery News reports. The first underwater kite, Deep Green, was designed by the Swedish [...]

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Appalatch, the Asheville based apparel company, is raising funds via Kickstarter to mass produce the first 3D-printed sweater. The sweater will come with a price tag of $189, which is in the range of many premium apparel brands found in your nearby mall. Unlike major brands, however, Appalatch will print your sweater with zero waste [...]

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All Power Labs created a machine that turns biomass into cheap energy -less than 10 cents a kilowatt hour- without releasing any Co2 to the atmosphere. The carbon produced during the gasification process is actually converted into charcoal! Farmers can now produce eco-friendly energy and fertilizers using their agricultural leftovers, while saving a lot of [...]

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Picture 16

The story of Kodjo Afate Gnikou, a 33-year old inventor from Togo who built a 3D printer made of materials that he found in scrapyards, means more than an extraordinary example of how green entrepreneurs are pushing our economic potential by developing Cradle-to-Cradle economies that integrate upcycling with 3D printing and other green technologies or [...]

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ecovative surfboard

Ecovative created the first surfboard made from mushrooms! Last week, their Cradle-to-Cradle certified technology was on display at The Boardroom Show in Costa Mesa, California. The US-based company started growing mushrooms to replace Styrofoam with packaging products that are strong, eco-friendly, and price competitive. Now Ecovative is showing that their biodegradable materials can be used [...]

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Every year over 100,000 compact discs become obsolete and are thrown away. Toxic chemicals, including cancerous Bisphenol-A, are released into our water streams and eventually get into the food we eat. Now Taiwanese researchers are trying to do more than ugly lamps with the obsolete CDs; they created a wastewater treatment that turns sewage into [...]

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High protein, non-GMO insects can be grown quickly and processed into chips to be distributed throughout the world’s slums. On Monday, Bill Clinton awarded a group of McGill MBA students with the $1 million Hult Prize to accelerate their business plan. Insects are already part of a healthy daily diet for over 2 billion people [...]

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The story about the people who make the products is more powerful for brands than going green. First, consumers are willing to pay extra for locally manufactured products because the story behind the product tells a lot about the quality of the product. Artisan and custom-based products are generally of better quality and, hence, last [...]