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In the summer of 2021, Justin Trudeau announced his intention to seek reelection for a third consecutive term as Liberal Prime Minister with a direct attack to the Canadian constitution, liberty, and the economy. Trudeau’s red campaign hat read somewhat like “If You Are Unvaxxed, No Job, No Movies, No Bar Hopping Across the Globe Unmasked”, followed by his campaign promise to mandate COVID vaccines for public sector employees, coming into effect by the fall of the same year.

Cindy Weeks, Director of the Jobs and Growth Economic Development and Innovation Fund run by FedDev Ontario, explained that the purpose of the unconstitutional mandate (unconstitutional according to the website of the Government of Canada) was to increase vaccination rate across federal workers and reduce the spread (even though everyone was working remotely from home at the time). Those employees, like me, who publicly raised their concerns about the unconstitutionality and risks of the mandate were placed under investigation and harassed on several occasions.  Those who parroted that the vaccines are the only way to stop the spread, like Stephen Long, were eventually promoted all the way to top executive positions.

Thousands of honest and hard-working public-sector employees were placed on unpaid leave, forced to resign, and faced further investigations where managers continued to violate their labor rights in front of union representatives with questions such as, “where in your book of religion does it say that you cannot take the vaccine?”. The union, rather than defend employees with a Policy Grievance that would result in a strike, made the determination to pit employees against their managers by allowing the investigations to continue. When employees contacted their PIPSC union representatives, such as Maeve Sullivan, about the unconstitutionality of the mandate and the illegality of the investigations, they received a template response that the vaccine was the only way to stop the spread of the pandemic.

October 2021 - One of the many Linked In posts by Stephen Long (Now Chief Economist at FedDev Ontario)

October 2021 – One of the many Linked In posts by Stephen Long (Now Chief Economist at FedDev Ontario)

About two months into the unconstitutional mandate, the third variant spread across the country, where more than 80% of the population had already received at least 2 doses. The scientific studies that had been evaded in favor of deregulation to speed the commercialization of an experimental-stage drug are now proving the Canadian government wrong about the efficacy of the vaccine to stop the spread. During the Omicron variant, the Canadian government would doubled down on their propaganda to get more booster shots, increased deregulation to commercialize the vaccines to children, and spent hundreds of billions of dollars in direct subsidies to COVID-related businesses.


Medicago, the Marlboro co-owned vaccine company funded by the Canadian government, closed its doors in 2023 just as new studies emerged showing that the vaccinated have higher risk of infection than the unvaccinated and the risk increases with the greater number of boosters. Life altering and threatening side effects such as hepatitis, paralysis, myocarditis, and sudden death syndrome were now associated and heavily reported with the vaccinated.

Eventually, PIPSC determined that the mandate on remote workers was abuse. However, when members escalated the issue all the way to Isabelle Roy LL.B, former General Counsel and Chief of Labour, they reaffirmed that the union determination to follow the Individual Grievance Process was the only way, even when on a previous case they had made the conscious decision to deny employees a Policy Grievance.

Was the unconstitutional mandate on federal workers attempted murder? For a virus with supposedly such a risk to humanity, the Canadian government and unions went through a lot of trouble to risk our lives a lot more.

What the Neoliberal vaccine mandate missed to read was the prevailing data that the virus had less than 5% mortality rate and 80%+ of hospitalizations occurred with the population that had obesity related health issues such as cancer, diabetes, and coronary diseases. During the lockdown response to the pandemic, sales of junk food and alcohol actually skyrocketed,  and city Bi-Law officers in Canada fined offenders up to $900 for accessing natural places or sports fields.

Obesity run rampant in North America for the past 20 years, costing more than 300,000 lives per year. By 2025, Canada will spend close to $40 billion a year treating obesity related health diseases.  For decades, many left and center leaning citizens in North America complained about the impacts of junk food on our health and environment, but this time they didn’t come to senses with the data that indicated perhaps we should place restrictions and taxes on the burger clown before placing life altering and threatening restrictions on our people.

Before resigning to a well-paying career with a new-born baby of 2 months, a recently bought first house, and plenty of future prospects that I had worked hard for years, I told my Business Scale-up and Productivity (BSUP) Manager at the time, Kevin Kells, that I was so sad this is happening because it reminds me of similar totalitarian shocks that happened in Argentina 10 years before I was born, and how I ended up in Canada 25 years later because it was so risky and underwhelming to live in Argentina.  I told him, I’m afraid Canada will become a place like Argentina where the coked-out zombie kids descend from the shanty town hills to threaten every thing that you hold dearly, every single day of your life for something as useless as a 1990’s watch.

Naomi Klein writes in the Shock Doctrine that when a real or perceived shock occurs, society is open or at least unable to stop the advance of Neoliberal deregulation, shredding of the constitution, abuse on minorities, and billions in unaccounted subsidies to corporations. While Shock Doctrine has been generally reserved as a weapon to colonize foreign industries and resources, North America experienced it three times in the past two decades. The invasion of Iraq, the bailouts to the same banks that caused the 2008 recession, and the unconstitutional COVID mandates funneled trillions of dollars to multinational corporations, all while threatening the social and economic stability of the most advanced nations on Earth. The Canadian taxpayer bill alone for COVID response 2020-2021 was $500 billion.

Hopefully, Canada will never become as bad as Argentina because its industrial base of advanced manufacturing and tech businesses will continue to support future growth. However, with inflation and interest rates at record levels under the Trudeau experience, recent waves of violent crimes such as vehicle carjacking, home invasion, heroin addiction, and street encampments are creating unprecedent threats to what had been some of the most peaceful and prosperous cities in the world.

By Lucas Diaz Molaro

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Support and join Feds for Freedom directly on their website.

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