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Next month, Zero Carbon Food will start growing vegetables beneath the Northern line of the London Underground. The UK start-up will grow food next to the hundreds of restaurants that serve it. A special Eco-friendly benefit of growing produce underground is that temperature remains stable all year round, thus reducing energy use and costs. Learn [...]

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High protein, non-GMO insects can be grown quickly and processed into chips to be distributed throughout the world’s slums. On Monday, Bill Clinton awarded a group of McGill MBA students with the $1 million Hult Prize to accelerate their business plan. Insects are already part of a healthy daily diet for over 2 billion people [...]

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Heavy floods created a state of emergency in Alberta when a ‘Sour Gas’ pipeline raptured in Turner Valley. People from Canmore, Banff, High River, Black Diamond and Turner Valley have been urged to move indoors and prepare for evacuation, the Globe and Mail reports.

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Pasona upcycled its 50-year old office building and integrated a modern vertical farm that grows rice, broccoli, fruits, and other vegetables for the company’s office workers. See the slideshow at Inhabitat Occupy The Market with green entrepreneurship! $2.99