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Higher Taxes on the Rich - Larry Summers

Inequality keep growing at a time when US corporations are incurring record profits. How do we fix this? On Sunday’s op-ed for the Washington Post, Summers said that changing the tax code to eliminate loopholes that benefit the rich – such as capital gains exemption, estate tax provisions, and corporate tax breaks- would help the [...]

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Life is good for criminal banksters in America. The company that should face criminal charges for selling toxic mortgage-backed securities that fueled the financial crisis of 2008 is getting part of its multi-billion dollar settlement paid by the public. Loan workouts will reduce the settlement to $9 billion and tax-deductions will reduce it further to [...]

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On average, each American family pays $6,000 a year to profitable corporations that outsource jobs, according to a Buzzfeed investigation. As an average, middle-class families earning over $72,000 give a lot more than $6,000 to the super-rich. Big business suck billions of dollars from direct subsidies and grants, incentives, interest rates, retirement funds, corporate tax [...]

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Tim Cook went to Capitol Hill to answer questions about the company’s tax-dodging scheme on $44 Billion dollars in income over the last 4 years. Instead of facing outrage, Senators told him how much they love Apple products and asked him what they can do for Apple. How About we pay you for the inconvenience [...]

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17 of some of the largest US corporations keep their profits abroad to avoid billions in taxes. The company that keeps the smallest percentage of all cash abroad is Google at 44%. Johnson & Johnson keeps 100% of its cash in foreign accounts, Business Insider reports Picture credit: Michael Fleshman CC BY 2.0

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The One Percent is too busy creating jobs. When they have some time off, they need companies like Dream Tours, which hires disabled people on the black market for $1040 a day to escort people willing to pay that sum to skip line at Disney, The National Post Reports.

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A new report by Truth Out shows that it is middle-class people like you and me who have to cover the $2 trillion gap left by the “rich parasites”, as the author calls them, who received tax-cuts or avoided taxes altogether. End Neoliberalism. Tax & Regulate The One Percent. $2.99

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Pennsylvania Governor thinks unemployment is high because poor people like drugs. Tom Corbett (R) said that people don’t have jobs because they can’t pass a drug test to explain his poor economic results as governor and even worse job creation track record. But according to Jesse Rothstein, an associate professor of public policy and economics [...]

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The Tax Policy Center found that Obama’s budget proposal will force middle class Americans to pay more in taxes over the next 10 years. This tax increase is in the form of a “Back-Door” tax because it moves people up the income brackets to make them pay more in taxes. Huffington Post reports Rest assured [...]

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Deregulation is always sold as a gateway to freedom from repressive governments, when the reality is that they seek to legalize criminal activity. One week after a group of journalists uncovered secret files showing how the Super Rich is hiding over $1.6 trillion on illegal offshore accounts, the GOP is pressuring the Treasury for tax [...]