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Jeff Bezos’ $600 million contract with the CIA puts the credibility of the Washington Post, the newspaper that the Amazon founder bought in late 2013, in question. Real News reports Picture credit: Donkeyhotey cc by 2.0

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‘The media’s attention span seems to have shifted’, says Fox News. No, it is purely a top-down re-branding effort by the right-wing extremists who are taking the US government hostage to push their agenda. Some would say this is an act of terrorism.

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Long gone are the days of investigative journalism. With 6 companies controlling more than 90% of the media market, it’s no surprise that the puppets in front of cameras feel pity for the bankers who ruined the economy instead of asking why these white collar criminals aren’t in jail. Picture Credit: grahampics1

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Wikileaks tweeted yesterday “Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him”. Hours later Hasting’s new Mercedes Benz crashed against a palm tree and was quickly engulfed in flames. Witnesses who appear in the video below say that the crash “sounded like a [...]

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Victor Hugo Morales, the guy who narrated Maradona’s epic goal versus England in the 1986 World Cup, is shown in the first video below rallying against the Kirchner dynasty for their “insulting” fortune, which grew 158% since Nestor became president in 2003. The second audio published by Politicus Corruptus shows how the senior journalist thanked [...]

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Remember when right-wing Christian fundamentalist Pat Robertson blamed people in 2012 for the tornadoes that ravaged the Mid-West because they did not pray enough? Picture Credit Diego3336 CC BY 2.0

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The Harper government got so corrupt that even the National Post went on the attack this week after the Duffy Senate scandal. Unlike its conservative counterpart in the United States, it takes courage for the National Post to dump a right-wing leader as corrupt as George W. Bush. John Ivison said that “Harper’s speech was [...]

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The extremist rhetoric disseminated via Fox News and extremist GOP leaders is once again gaining momentum and a new American catastrophe is just around the corner. Media Matters reports a poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind, which reveals that half of all sheep believe that an armed revolution is necessary to protect liberty while [...]

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Extremists right-wingers, Christian fanatics aren’t nuts. Comments like “moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the Holocaust… Dark periods of history is what we arrive at when we leave God out of the equation” are strategically placed at strategic propaganda outlets such as Fox News to misinform and [...]

By lucas@endneoliberalism On 26 Apr, 2013 At 10:16 AM | Categorized As Media | With 0 Comments

Job Stewart shamed Fox News, the channel that attacked president Obama on invalid constitutional arguments, for shredding the constitution following the Boston bombing attacks. The pundits went further than asking the government to send the Boston bomber to military tribunal and torturing him for answers. Ann Coulter asked to imprison the bomber’s wife for wearing [...]